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WMS Blogger of the Month!
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Tuesday, October 10, 2017
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    Weslyn Hicks

This blog is written from the point of view of Jen Talbot, a character from the book Among the Hidden.


Hi! I’m Jen and this is my first blog! I’m so excited to be telling you about my life! Well first of all, only my fellow third children will be the ones to be able to read this. Second, I know a lot of you think that I’m insane for making a blog and with my real name, considering that I’m a third child.  My family are barons so hiding is easy for me, and I can even go out in public with a fake ID as my parents’ niece. Also, don’t freak out readers, but my father works for the Population Police and it makes me even more safe if they think he’s against me. Well, anyway that’s all I can share about my life today! See you readers tomorrow! Jen


Okay, guys I’m getting straight to the point! A about a week ago I pulled the curtain back to look outside for just a second and… I think someone saw me. Actually, I know someone saw me. This boy came breaking into my house yesterday! He’s my neighbor and he’s a third child too! He’s so paranoid that the government is reading this so he won’t let me write his name, but we can call him L. I don’t think he will be able to come over for a while because his parents barley ever leave! We even came up with a special communication signal to tell him its safe to come over. Well anyway, my parents just got home, so bye for now! Jen

DAY 3 

Tomorrow is the rally and I’m super mad because L doesn’t want to go!  He’s too scared! Who ever said accomplishing freedom wouldn’t take bravery?!  Of course I’m scared, I could die! Hopefully everyone else shows up. At least 1000 people should show up, or at least they said they would. I still can’t believe I’m the one leading it, I hope I don’t fail. L will just have to hear about it in the news because I’m not going to drag a scaredy cat all the way out there and have to babysit him! Enough ranting, I have work to do! I don’t know when my next blog will be, but I will post as soon as I can. Wish me luck! Jen

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