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WMS Blogger of the Month!
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Tuesday, October 10, 2017
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Rhett Rhinehart

                                          Happiness is....

What is happiness? well I’m never one for simple answers so why not let a poem do the talking.
my soul shrunk and eyes bond by hopelessness.
Taken hostage but there seems to be no ransom.
my heart aches and my mind races.
Is this it?
Will I perish or even worst will I suffer on?
These thoughts plague not only my mind but my soul.
like a tumor they spread.
I see others glided with happiness.
enjoying the world.
first the rage of jealous comes burning me from the inside out.
when the flowing wave of hatred subsides my mind comes back.
then a wave of grief, melancholy, and hopeless nice soak me.
soaked and even more hopeless i decide its time to dry of
no more
i’m done
i’m cutting all ties with you
you’ve only gave me jealous, bitterness, and hate
hopeless, I've decided to swap you out with with happiness
friends, family, and things I love.
the gold in my life
The apple of my eye
the end of the maze
the key to the cell
all this is in my life
so hopelessness take a hike

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