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Math @ home and Find a Book resources
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Sunday, June 26, 2011

As children enjoy summer break, make sure they have the right resources to continue practicing their reading and mathematical skills away from school.

Summer loss is not a new problem. Research shows that nearly all children will experience some decline in their reading and mathematical abilities over summer break, simply due to a lack of practice. But, if we can connect children with the right resources, many of them can avoid this backslide and continue improving their reading and mathematical skills. 

That’s where our free “Find a Book” and Math@Home® utilities can help. They are the perfect additions to your summer plans. You can use these free web utilities to keep any child engaged in targeted reading and mathematical activities long after the final bell of the school year rings.


Math@Home helps children practice specific mathematical skills and concepts at the right difficulty level. In just a few simple steps, you can build a customized list of materials and activities that match a child’s unique ability level and learning goals. To get started, visit

Download and share the Math@Home flyer.

"Find a Book"

“Find a Book” allows children to build their own reading lists or supplement a booklist from their school district or public library. Plus, with built-in links to WorldCat and Barnes &, you can check a book’s availability at your local public library or buy it directly online. For more information on using Lexile® measures to support summer reading and to create custom booklists with "Find a Book," visit

Download and share the "Find a Book" flyer: English | Spanish.

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