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Information about Vape Educate
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Sunday, September 01, 2019

PARENT INFORMATION SHEET Educating your child on vaping 

Program & benefits 

This program is online and designed for 6th - 12th graders. 

Vaping is a new epidemic. It’s no longer cool to smoke cigarettes; instead, the trend is to smoke e-cigarettes, also knowns as “vapes” and “JUULs”. Students will benefit by taking the course and become more aware of the history of the e-cigarette industry, health risks, marketing tactics used by the vaping industry, vaping marijuana, and how to handle social situations they may encounter. 

What is your student expected to complete? 

Your child will be provided access to the VapeEducate program through his/her school email account. The student receives an email with the subject “You have been enrolled at” It will give them their username, password and a link to the site: 

There are 5 topics: 

● What is vaping? 

● Vaping Health Risks 

● How Marketing Targets the Young 

● Vape Addiction 

● Society, Vaping and You 

● Vaping Marijuana, THC and More 

The program takes an average of 5 hours to complete and varies depending on the student’s grade level and learning abilities. There are mini-quizzes, tests and reflection questions in each unit. 

A student must get at least 80% or higher in order to pass each unit and move onto the next. 

Students cannot move forward through the course if they do not get at least an 80% on the assessments. However, the student can go back and review the information and retake the test until they pass. 

After the 6th unit is complete, students receive a certificate of completion. This is emailed to the student and their school administrator if the school purchased the program. If parents purchase the course, the certificate is emailed to the account used to set up the VapeEducate account. 

A big thank you! 

We would like to take the time to thank you for supporting your child as he/she completes the program. We invite you to work alongside your student(s) as they progress through the program at home. Please do not take the assessments for them; otherwise, they may not benefit fully from the program. Certainly, we want this program to be an opportunity for you to discuss with your child how vaping is affecting them. 

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