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Thomas, Marybeth Principal
Chitwood, Chris Assistant Principal

Andrews, Jenni Connections Math
Bennett, Mindi 7 Grade Science
Burrell, Dawn 6th grade ELA, Connections ELA
Carroll, Karen SPED Teacher
Chitwood, Chris Assistant Principal
Clem, Katie PE
Cross, Erin Math
Davis, Bethany Chorus
Dawson, Annette ESOL
Dean, Candie Gifted Langugae Arts
Diehl, Laura Business and Computer Science
Ezell, Melanie Speech
Fletter, Nubia 8th Grade Science
Gosnell, Lindsey 6 ELA
Heaton, Andrea 8 Math
Hurley, Sara Beth Special Education
Keef, Dan Counselor
Kesler, Sharon Special Education ELA
King, Heather 6 Grade Science
LaBarbera, Jeff Art
Lama, Melissa 7th ELA and Social Studies
Law, Fletcher 7 Grade Social Studies
Lee, Abbie 7 ELA
Martin, Leslie 6 Math
Mize, Chelie SS Gifted
Moody, Kasey Agriculture
Mote, Casey PE/Athletic Director
Mote, Scott 6 SS
Parker, Andy 7 Science
Sanders, Curtis Band
Sanders, Katherine Migrant Advocate
Simmons, Nancy Media Specialist
Singer, Allison 8th Grade ELA
Skinnner, Terri 8th Social Studies
Smith, Jasmine 6 Grade ELA/Science
Stover, Joe Technology
Thomas, Dustin 7th grade Life Science
Trejo, Selina Special Education Chair-Math
Wallace, Ric Technology
Williams, Patricia Math ADV/GFT

Adams, Jaclyn Book Keeper
Akers, Shirley Nutrition
Bennett, Ginger Secretary
Coker, Greg Custodian
Derond-Freeman, Marthe Special Ed Para
Dover, Shane ISS
Dunedore, Jessica SPED Parapro
Hammock, Tracy SPED Parapro
Henry, Susan Nutrition
Hulsey, Karmen Nurse
Jones, Shawna Attendance/Media Clerk
Morales, Jessica Parent Involvement Coordinator
Trubey, Tiffany SPED parapro
Williams, Brenda SPED Parapro